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This profile of the East Central economic region is the third in a series of seven profiles of subprovincial regions.

Like the West Central region, the East Central region is dominated by agriculture with off-farm jobs available in a number of potash mines. With the city of Yorkton at the centre of the region, the economy should have prospered from the recent economic growth but it has fared only slightly better than its West Central neighbours.
  • The population and employment have declined in the past five years.
  • There is a relative shortage of young adults and a relatively large proportion of seniors.
  • Incomes are below the provincial average but increasing more quickly.
  • Esterhazy has the highest average incomes.
  • Residents are more likely than other Saskatchewan residents to report that they are in poor physical health but they are more satisfied with “life in general”.
  • Relatively few residents drink heavily but a disproportionately large number smoke, have an inactive lifestyle, are overweight, and have high blood pressure.

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