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In the first of a series of seven profiles of sub-provincial regions, we examine current demographic and economic statistics for northern Saskatchewan approximately the area north of a line joining Lloydminster and Humboldt. The North has 63% of the land area of the province and 22.5% of the population. More than one-half of the Aboriginal people in Saskatchewan live in the North.

The analysis finds that northern Saskatchewan has prospered in the past five years but is not doing as well as other parts of the province.
  • The population and employment are growing more slowly than in the province as a whole.
  • The quality of housing in the North, particularly the Far North, is poor with a greater degree of crowding. Affordability, on the other hand, is not as much of a problem as elsewhere.
  • Compared with the province as a whole, rental rates are lower and vacancy rates are higher in the North.
  • Incomes are below the provincial average but are increasing more quickly so the gap is narrowing.
  • Northerners are more likely than other Saskatchewan residents to report that they are in poor health.

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