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Statistics Canada has undertaken the difficult task of reconciling the revenues and expenditures for the federal, provincial, and local governments into a single framework - the Canadian Government Finance System (CGFS). The CGFS uses a common “chart of accounts” that allows comparisons over time and between provinces. It also removes that double counting that can occur when funds flow from one level of government to another.

In this analysis we examined the consolidated revenues and expenditures for the provincial and local governments in Saskatchewan, including the health and education authorities.
  • Revenues and expenditures are approximately $18 billion per year. Over the last five years, revenues and expenditures have increased more quickly than the rate of inflation.
  • The largest categories of spending are health, education, and social protection. The fastest growing is public order and safety.
  • Compared with other provinces, Saskatchewan is more dependent on resource royalties and less dependent on federal government transfers. It has the second highest public sector spending per capita.

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