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July 2016
Labour Market Report for Occupational Therapists (175 KB)
This report was prepared for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education. It contains statistics about the supply of and demand for occupational therapists in Saskatchewan.

March 2016
Presentation to Financial Professionals (175 KB)
This presentation to the Association for Financial Professionals has demographic and economic statistics about immigration in Saskatchewan.

November 2015
Diversity in Regina (175 KB)
This is a presentation made to the staff at the Regina Public Library. It is an examination of Regina's population trends and how that population is becoming more diverse.

April 2014
State of the Cities Report (1.26 MB)
This report was prepared in partnership with others at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. It contains an extensive list of statistics about Saskatchewan's eight largest metropolitan and how they compare with each other and with those in Alberta and Manitoba.

March 2013
SABEA Annual Conference (232K)
This is a presentation made to the Saskatchewan Adult Basic Education Association (SABEA) Conference in Saskatoon. It covers labour market trends in the province with a particular focus on the relationship between education and employment.

March 2013
LEADS Policy Conference (123 KB)
This is a presentation made to the Saskatchewan League of Education Administrators, Directors, and Superintendents (LEADS) describing some of the demographic trends that will have an impact on the number of students in the elementary/secondary school system between now and 2020.

November 2012
Demographics for Business Trends (158 KB)
This is a presentation made to the Regina Chamber of Commerce's Emerging Business Trends Conference in November 2012. It looks at recent demographic trends in Saskatchewan and Regina.

June 2012
Accessing Healthy Food in Regina (4.2 MB)
This report looks at the distances from the average neighbourhood in Regina to the different kinds of restaurants and grocery stores in the city. The socioeconomic characteristics of neighbourhood residents are compared with their access to healthy food.

May 2012
Demographics in Saskatchewan (342 K)
This is an overview of demographics in Saskatchewan that was prepared for a meeting of Regina's K40 club.

April 2012
A Statistical Profile of Women in the Saskatchewan Labour Market (509 K)
This is an annual publication prepared for the provincial Status of Women Office. It describes labour market participation and wage rates for Saskatchewan women up to and include 2011.

February 2010
Harvard North FN SES Status Feb 2010.pdf (225 K)
The “Harvard North” project is designed to see if good governance in First Nations communities is correlated with better socioeconomic status. This is an initial examination of differences in the socioeconomic status of residents of Saskatchewan’s Reserves.

June 2009
Sask Trends PARWC June 2.pdf (421.6 K)
This is a presentation made to the Provincial Aboriginal Representative Workforce Council (PARWC) Strategies for Success conference on June 2, 2009. It has information about the Saskatchewan Aboriginal including the levels of completed education and labour market participation statistics.

June 2009
Focusing on People 2008.pdf (1.95 MB)
The 2008 version of the Focusing on People report is the fifth in a series prepared for the Regina United Way and other city agencies. It has an overview of demographic, social, and economic trends in the city along with profiles of the neighbourhoods and communities within the city.

May 2009
Labour Market Situational Analysis.pdf (383.9 K)
This overview of labour market issues was prepared for the Saskatchewan Labour Market Commission as part of the background research for the Saskatchewan Labour Market Strategy.

March 2009
LF Supply Projection March 5 2009.pdf (645.8 K)
This is an update of the 2004 “Labour Market Trends” report. It includes a projection of the Saskatchewan population and labour force supply under two different participation rate scenarios and three different population growth scenarios. This update has improved methodology and more up-to-date projections of immigration and interprovincial migration. If present trends continue, there will be a much higher proportion of Aboriginal people, immigrants, and older workers in Saskatchewan’s labour force.

March 2009
SIA Agricultural Labour Force09.pdf (554 K)
This is an overview of recent employment trends in agriculture that was presented to the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists in Regina.

March 2009
RHA Board Members Mar 2009.pdf (545 K)
A presentation about recent demographic trends in Saskatchewan and some health care labour market statistics was made to the Regional Health Authority Board Member Education session in March 2009.

February 2009
AGEN Conf Jun 2008.pdf (74 K)
A summary of Aboriginal employment trends in the province’s crown corporation sector was made to the annual conference of the Aboriginal Government Employees Network in Regina.

May 2008
Regina Home Builders May 2008.pdf (198 K)
A presentation summarizing recent demographic and labour market trends in the Regina Metropolitan area was made to the Regina and Region Home Builders Association in May 2008.

February 2008
SIIT OilGas Feb 2008.pdf (128 K)
Some basic economic indicators for Saskatchewan’s Oil and Gas Sector were compiled for the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies Round Table in Saskatoon.

February 2008
LF Overview Stats Can Feb27.pdf (237.6 K)
A presentation to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force conference on February 27, 2008 contains an overview of the Saskatchewan labour market with an emphasis on employment growth from 2001 to 2007.

January 2008
Can Bar Assoc.pdf (87.3 K)
A brief overview of recently released (2006) demographic statistics about the Aboriginal population in Saskatchewan presented to the mid-winter meeting of the Canadian Bar Association.

January 2008
NB Opportunity Knocks.pdf (1.44 MB)
Selected statistics about the Northwest part of Saskatchewan with a focus on Agriculture presented to the second annual Opportunity Knocks Agribusiness conference in North Battleford.

January 2008
The North Unleashed.pdf (396 K)
A summary of the competitive advantage analysis done for north central Saskatchewan presented to the North Unleased conference in Prince Albert.

January 2008
OASKAER Jan 2008.pdf (231.6 K)
An overview of the Saskatchewan labour market presented to the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Association of Business Economics.

October 2007
LEADS_SASBO Fall Conf Oct 12.pdf (225.1 K)
An overview of the Saskatchewan labour market presented to the LEADS/SASBO Fall Conference.

March 2007
SIA Agricultural Labour Force.pdf (163.8 K)
An overview of recent employment trends in agriculture presented to the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists.

October 2006
Youth Integration Strategies Oct 2006.pdf (122.6K)
This is the presentation made to the Youth Integration Strategies Conference in Regina. It documents some of the demographic, economic, and social characteristics of Saskatchewan residents 20 to 34 years of age.

May 2006
Library Annual Conference.pdf (391.2K)
This is a presentation made to the 2006 Saskatchewan Libraries Conference on demographics in Saskatchewan and the possible implications for library use and the library professions.

February 2006
Young Entrepreneurs Feb 2006.pdf (168.8K)
This is a statistical snapshot of certain social, demographic, and economic characteristics of young entrepreneurs and professionals in Saskatchewan that was presented to a luncheon meeting of the Regina Chapter of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals in February 2006.

October 2005
Capital Invest Analysis BTRC.pdf (375K)
Capital Investment in Saskatchewan is background research prepared in October 2005 for the Saskatchewan Business Tax Review Committee (the Vicq Commission). It includes an assessment of how the KPMG location cost study applies to Saskatchewan.

Sask Ticks Economic Indicators.pdf (546K)
This report is one of several prepared for the What Makes Saskatchewan Tick? project and The Gathering in October 2005. This report has a variety of economic indicators from 1981 to 2004 with comparisons to Manitoba, Alberta, and Canada as a whole.

Sask Ticks Human Capital.pdf (245K)
Sask Ticks Human and Social Capital Report.pdf (530K)
This report is one of several prepared for the What Makes Saskatchewan Tick? project and The Gathering in October 2005. This report describes several aspects of human and social capital - education, beliefs and values, social and civic participation, and health and well being - for example. Comparisons are made between Saskatchewan residents and those in other provinces. The smaller file is the presentation to the conference and the larger file is the full report.

September 2005
Sask Ticks Agr Report.pdf (1.55 MB)
The Primary Agriculture in the Saskatchewan Economy report is one of several background research documents prepared for the What Makes Saskatchewan Tick? project and The Gathering in October 2005. This report provides a statistical portrait of Saskatchewan agriculture and Saskatchewan farmers with interprovincial comparisons and as much historical data as possible.

Sask Ticks Comp Adv Analysis Report.pdf (662K)
The Comparative Advantage Analysis is one of several background research documents prepared for the What Makes Saskatchewan Tick? project and The Gathering in October 2005. This report documents the results of complex methodology that compares the economic performance of industry sectors in Saskatchewan with those same sectors in other western provinces and the Midwest states.

August 2005
Part Time Profile Aug 2005.pdf (415.9K)
A Profile of Part Time Workers in Saskatchewan is background research prepared in August 2005 for the Saskatchewan Commission on Improving Work Opportunities for Saskatchewan Residents.

March 2005
A somewhat longer version of the presentation made at the Centennial Summit about trends in the demographics of the Saskatchewan Labour Market was made to the Assiniboia Club in March 2005. LM Trends March 2005 (238.1K)

January 2005
The complete version of the 2004 update to the Labour Market Trends (718K) report by Sask Trends Monitor contains a forecast of the Saskatchewan population and the labour market. Also available is a Summary of Key Findings (99K) and a Presentation (151K) describing the report that was made to the Centennial Summit in January 2005.

September 2004 presentation to the Association of Professional Urban Planners of Saskatchewan describing some of the basic demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of Saskatchewan larger urban centres. PDF File (545.4k)

August 2004 – Focusing on People, 2004 This report is the most recent statistical profile of the City of Regina focusing on the people who live in the city. It includes information on the demographic, social, and economic characteristics of the residents overall and at a neighbourhood level. PDF File (2.07 mb)

May 2004 Presentation given by Doug Elliott to the Saskatchewan Visible Minorities Employees Association annual conference. The presentation provides a statistical profile of the visible minority population in Saskatchewan. PDF File (283.2k)

February 2004–Labour Market Information Seminars
In February, Sask Trends Monitor was asked to provide some basic labour market information to employer seminars in Southeastern Saskatchewan. The seminars were jointly sponsored by the Saskatchewan Department of Community Resources and Employment and the local Regional Economic Development Authorities. Copies of the presentations made in Yorkton and Carlyle are available for downloading.
Yorkton Presenation PDF File (642.6k)
Carlyle Presentation PDF File (568.2k)