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Sask Trends Monitor tracks social, economic, and demographic trends in Saskatchewan.

The newsletter is published monthly by QED Information Systems, a Regina based consulting firm specializing in surveys and statistical analysis. Sask Trends Monitor is in its 35th year of publication.

Doug Elliott is the owner of QED Information Systems and publisher of Sask Trends Monitor. Mr. Elliott was born and raised in Saskatchewan, educated in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Regina, and is a well-respected commentator on provincial issues. A Consultant since 1984, his client group includes First Nations; local, provincial, and federal governments; private sector organizations; and the non-profit sector.

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A number of economic measures suggest that the Saskatchewan economy has started to recover. Capital investment is an important one. Investment by businesses and governments is expected to increase by 3% in 2017 after two consecutive years of double-digit declines. Both the declines and subsequent recovery are concentrated in the private sector and in the construction of fixed assets rather than the purchase of movable ones.
Saskatchewan Economic Recovery


Fewer Saskatchewan residents reported a charitable contribution on their 2015 income tax form than in the past. The 22% who do contribute are giving a smaller proportion of their income.


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Sask Trends Monitor tracks social, economic, and demographic trends in Saskatchewan. 
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