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Sask Trends Monitor tracks social, economic, and demographic trends in Saskatchewan.

The newsletter is published monthly by QED Information Systems, a Regina based consulting firm specializing in surveys and statistical analysis. Sask Trends Monitor is in its 35th year of publication.

Doug Elliott is the owner of QED Information Systems and publisher of Sask Trends Monitor. Mr. Elliott was born and raised in Saskatchewan, educated in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Regina, and is a well-respected commentator on provincial issues. A Consultant since 1984, his client group includes First Nations; local, provincial, and federal governments; private sector organizations; and the non-profit sector.

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Saskatchewan Declining Productivity

Annual Labour Market Review

Employment declined by 0.2% in 2017, the second worst performance among the provinces and the second year in a row with an employment drop. The number of people unemployed and the unemployment rate were effectively unchanged but the number of people exiting the labour force increased.

Other selected employment trends during the year are listed below:
  • Employment increased among women and older workers. It fell among men and those 15 to 24 years of age.
  • The proportion of workers with a post-secondary education continued to increase but is still the second lowest among the provinces.
  • Aboriginal employment increased substantially among off-Reserve residents with a particularly large increase among those with a First Nations identity.
  • Employment fell among recent immigrants but grew among those who have been in Canada longer.
  • Part-time employment among those who would rather have full-time employment increased sharply; full-time employment and voluntary part-time employment declined.
  • Self-employment declined whereas paid employment increased, particularly among those in temporary or casual positions.
  • Wage rates were effectively unchanged in 2017 but are still the second highest among the provinces.


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Sask Trends Monitor tracks social, economic, and demographic trends in Saskatchewan. 
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